Thank you to all our floaters who leave kind reviews!

Erin P.

I did my first float 2 weeks ago, and I feel like I've been evangelical ever since--EVERYONE needs to try this. First, floating: it was an amazing experience that made me feel more relaxed, euphoric, and PRESENT than I've felt in a long time. There are really no words to describe how much I enjoyed the experience and look forward to going again. Since I've been telling anyone that will listen about my experience, I've heard from others that have floated before (at other places) that they had less awesome experiences, which leads me to my final point: NEIGHBORHOOD FLOAT is THE place to float. The owners have thought of everything so that you feel comfortable, safe, and in control of your experience. AND, Jim was generous with his time and gave me a comprehensive, thorough orientation--and I think that made all the different in me enjoying my float. The price is perfect, you can use your health savings account (pre-tax dollars)--you really must go try Neighborhood Float; you won't regret it!

Kelsey S.

I just completed an hour-long float and it was wonderful! After a hard week of running, I've had quad spasms and calf cramps all morning. It was so great to use the simple app to schedule a float for the afternoon. I left with refreshed legs and a clear mind.

Not only was the float wonderful (per usual) but Neighborhood Float has a great vibe. This was my first time at this float center, since they're new, and I will definitely be back.

The owner was welcoming and happy to answer my questions. The float room I scheduled was immaculate--clean, nice lighting, a comfy bench, and plenty of hooks. Plus, the bathroom had everything I needed to shower off and go about my day after the float. The soaps and shampoos even smell amazing.

Thank you for a wonderful experience Neighborhood Float! I will definitely be back.


Christie B.

So stoked to have a float destination in Coastal North County, and Neighborhood Float delivers an amazing experience. Their web site provides easy-to-understand information and booking, and outlines their various packages (very flexible packages). The location is fantastic, easy to find, and has plenty of parking. The entire place has a warm, welcoming feel, and the staff is both knowledgeable and personable. The float and shower facilities are right up there with the best spas -- relaxing, fully stocked, and totally clean. Oh, and the actual float experience? It truly warrants a full-blown case of FOMO--you've got to do it to believe it. I'll definitely be back.

Diego D.

Neighborhood Float is incredible! I have floated once before at a different spa before coming to Neighborhood Float, but the whole experience here was much more relaxing. Kevin was extremely helpful in guiding me through the whole process, showing me how the tank worked, and supplying me with CBD to enhance my relaxation in the tank (you can choose to buy a dose of CBD for a small charge and I highly recommend it). Neighborhood float is super clean, easy to find (and park), and extremely unique in that they are open 24 hours a day! I have never come across a float spa like this, but they allow you to schedule an appointment at any time of the day, they'll send you an electronic key, and boom! Float anytime! I will definitely be back this month for another float. Give them a try if you're feeling stressed or are drawn to new experiences!


jason G.

Upon visiting Neighborhood Float you're immediately greeted with a calming ambiance. I decided to schedule my float about an hour after my evening workout. I had an opportunity to meet and speak to the owner. He made a couple suggestions that I believe greatly aided my experience. Having been my third float he recommended I avoid caffeine for at least 4 hours prior the entering the tank. He also mentioned stretching as preventative measure because laying completely still is a pivotal part of the experience. I started my float with some tranquil music (20 minutes) followed by 40 minutes of complete silence. You lose track of time as your mind begins to wander. The ambient lighting in the shower/the float rooms was extremely peaceful. Float centers that don't use this technique bring you out of the FloatMindState much quicker because of your sensitivity to light. My muscles felt completely relaxed and I couldn't believe how calm I'd become. It almost feels as if you're reentering the world. A truly wonderful experience. I'll be back!!

Devon C.

I have floated once in LA, and wanted to take my Dad and my girlfriend while I was in town visiting since I'd had the most amazing experience my first time.

This place is WONDERFUL! Everyone is so kind, they have kombucha on tap, and the sole purpose of the business is to help provide people access to floating because of the incredible benefits and stress relief.

The studio is beautiful, clean, quiet and everything you would want form a float studio. I could not recommend Neighborhood Float any more! If you're even remotely interested, go!

-Sorry Devon, we no longer serve kombucha on tap, but we do offer CBD now!


Aubrey B.

I floated for the first time and absolutely loved it. All my back aches and neck pain went away after my hour long float session. I felt so relaxed afterwards and slept like a baby that night.

Upon arrival, I was greeted by the owner. He was very knowledgeable and explained to me the value of floating. This was very comforting as I had never tried this before. After my float, the owner was curious to know how I felt. I explained to him that the whole experience was very meditative and soothing. I enjoyed the cleanliness of the facility and the soft music. I hope to visit Neighborhood Float again soon! I would highly recommend!

Christina V.

First time floating. The experience was totally out of the norm! I felt super relaxed while in the pod. I really enjoyed the options of relaxing music as well as the lighting inside the pod. I had to have a light on couldn't go total darkness. The pods are big enough to not make you feel claustrophobic. The nice finishing touches were the shower fully equipped with shampoo conditioner and lotion. The towels also were super soft and smelled great. Other amenities included deodorant, makeup remover, ear drops, ear covers, mouth wash, basically everything you need. I'll be coming back for sure.


Joyce B.

I have fibromyalgia. I had heard that floating will give fast pain relief . Wow !is all I can say. I had about 75% relief by the end of the hour. In addition, I slept all night which I have not done in a very long time. I highly recommend floating for fibromyalgia relief.

 Cecily G.

I tried floating for the first time and I couldn't imagine a better company for this service! Neighborhood float was very clean, the costumer service was awesome and it felt like a spa day! Floating was extremely relaxing and it was so nice to take the load off my body for an hour. Definitely a company and service that I would recommend to anyone!


Mady B.

I work nightshift and am ALWAYSSSS tired. I had heard of floating and was a little skeptical BUT floating seriously helps reenergize me and boost my mood. Neighborhood Float is the bomb. I will be back

Isaac C.

Absolutely incredible experience. A great way to disconnect from the world for a little while, allowing your mind to get a break and recharge. Wonderful experience all together!


Michelle T.

This was mine and my husband's first time to float. It was the perfect experience for both of us! The host was so thorough by giving us a tour of the facility, giving details and expectations of floating, and providing us with adequate time to really enjoy the whole experience. We were really able to decompress to head into our vacation stress free. The facility is clean, the music is relaxing, the host is welcoming, the water temperature is perfect, and all of this makes for a wonderful experience.

Bruno S.

Great experience, will be returning to get membership!
Extremely friendly and helpful staff
Comfortingly thorough introduction and orientation
Immaculately clean float tubs and adjacent shower area
Lots of options in float tub: music can be on or off; music can be yours or theirs; submerged light can be on or off; also has intercom button connecting to front desk if you have concerns while in tub.
Overall a wonderful experience!


Brian and barb m.

Tremendous!!!! Would recommend this incredible service to anyone who breathes. Do yourself a favor, FLOAT!

Everyone has to try Neighborhood Float! It is relaxing, reduces stress, speeds up muscle recovery and overall wellness. This is the nicest thing you will ever do for yourself. You will definitely become a regular client. Love it!!!


I love this place! Jim is so friendly and makes the float experience feels very safe and peaceful. The owners view this as so much more than just a business and that intention flows through the entire experience. The space is clean, cozy and full of all the amenities you need pre and post float. Thank you for sharing your love of floating with the community and spreading the healing energy that comes along with it!


Carly R.

I decided to come by Neighborhood Float after my boyfriend went in and had an amazing first ever float experience!

As someone who has been floating for years, I was beyond impressed with the facility and overall experience.

Jim was incredibly helpful & welcoming! The rooms are clean, with plenty of hooks, and anything you would possibly need. I also really loved having the ability to listen to my own music / guided meditation. The ambient lighting in the float rooms and shower were perfect for easing out of the post-float meditative state.

This was the best float I've had years & cant wait to continue visiting Neighborhood Float!

Bret M.

Great place! Exactly what I was looking for!

I have been floating for several years and recently moved to North County. I needed a new place to float meditate. After trying one other place, that did not suit what I was looking for, I tried Neighborhood Float.

This place is friendly (Kevin is great!) and clean. The floating experience was nearly complete sensory deprivation, which is what I was looking for. I get into a deeper meditation state with sensory deprivation.

After my initial float, I signed up for a monthly membership. I highly recommend Neighborhood Float!


Ken J.

I just did my first float and I have to say I feel great. The place is a smaller location, 2 pods, an was very clean and organized. They greeted me by name and gave me the intro to the location. The pods are pretty big, I am 6'5 and had no problem with it. I did an hour session and feel great. Come and try it out if you to escape stress for sometime. I will be back!

Brandon p.

What an amazing experience! Took me a while to calm down and quiet my brain but once I did...amazing! Super clean facility, very friendly help. I had never been before but I could not be more pleased!