Floating Tips

Any physical activity prior to your appointment will enhance your overall experience. Your body and mind will be more ready to deeply relax and succumb to the healing properties of the Epsom salts, as well as to let go metaphysically.

Your skin requires time to heal, and may be extra sensitive to the high intensity of the Epsom salt. Please refrain from sun tanning or spray tanning sessions prior to floating. Avoid shaving the day of, limit caffeine and food a few hours prior to your float for maximum relaxation. Some guests enjoy focusing on specific ideas and thoughts while others simply long for the peace and quiet of an hour alone; Many peacefully drift between the two.

Avoid touching your eyes in the tank as the salt water will burn. A spray water bottle and wash cloth located inside of the tank will be provided to dab off if this happens. It is recommended to bring a case and solution for your contacts.

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